Example 5 【Photo-thermal conversion dyes for CTP】

In the plate making process for printing, the process to print the printing plate directly from the data such as accumulated and treated images electronically by computer is called as “Computer To Plate”. We call it as “CTP” for short. In case of CTP system, we can expect remarkable rationalization such as save sources and save man power as the film making process can be eliminated. Recently, by increasing the types of the materials for plate, we can have a lot of options. The plate materials for CTP can divided broadly into 2 categories. One is the optical mode type applicable to visible-light lasers, and the other is the thermal mode type (heat type) applicable to infrared ray lasers. Our dyes for CTP are photo-sensitive dyes for preparation of the original plate for CTP, which absorb effectively light irradiated from the exposing source.

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