Example 8 【Dyes for agricultural films】

By applying thermal rays shielding films, we can absorb heat rays in solar rays and suppress increase in the temperatures of plants and vegetables, and the temperature of the land.
By shielding thermal rays at the cultivation in summer, we can prevent the articulation disorder of the crop plants, improve the germination rate, prevent the turion seeding and reduce manpower by reducing the times of the irrigation. And also, we can expect the growth promotion and increase in the yield by improvement of the cultivation condition. (Dyes in this line have been applying to films and others for green houses.)
In the growth of plants, the photomorphogenesis reaction is influenced by plant hormones called phytochrome. In phytochrome, there are Pr type and Pfr type. By reducing light at around 660 nm, plants are influenced by the Pr type one and become taller. On the other hand, by reducing light at around 730 nm, plants are influenced by the Pfr type one and become dwarf.
By controlling these lights by dye filters, we can control the growth of plants.
To this dye filter, our YKR Series near-infrared ray absorption dyes have been applying.

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