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Course of Action

The core principle of our “Course of Action” is “Faithful behavior” “Respect human and our society”  “Dream-inspiring manufacturing”

We, all individuals of the officers and staffs of Mitsui Chemicals group, will conduct ourselves under the philosophy of the following course of action to realize firm and sustainable development of the society and the business enterprises through contribution to the stakeholder.

Faithful behavior We will always perform “Faithful behavior
Compliance with the laws and rules We will give priority to compliance with the laws and rules over any pursuit of interests.
Honest We will hold on to our honest behavior by following our own conscience.
Prohibition of discrimination We will never conduct any discrimination according to gender, race, nationality, age, religion, handicap and others.
Justice・Fairness We will devote ourselves to fair and impartial competitions and dealings.
Transparency Without distinguishing between good information and bad information, we will report and disclose all necessary information quickly and correctly.
Respect human and our society We will “Respect human and our society
Safety first We will conduct ourselves by keeping our policy which safety is the top priority in our heart.
Contribution to the global environment We will address the development, manufacturing and sales of the products which contributes to maintenance of the global environment.
Customer satisfaction We will assess the customers’ needs correctly and provide quickly them with the products and services giving them full satisfactions.
Contribution to the communities We will contribute to the development of the communities as a member of the community.
Health promotion We will try to create the active and health promoting work site.
Respect for diversity We respect the individual personality and diverse individualities and opinions.
Dream-inspiring manufacturing We are aiming to create “Dream-inspiring manufacturing”.
Spirit of challenge We will trust our own potentials and challenge any subject boldly without fear of any failure.
Creativity We will make our emotion rich and create new and inimitable worthiness.
Triple Spot Realism We will take action after confirmation of the fact through our own eyes and think by ourselves.
Brainstorming We are aiming to be the world-wide professional having global viewpoint.
Technical tradition By tradition of our experiences and technologies we cultivated for long years, we will provide our best efforts to cultivation of human resources of the next generation.
Teamwork Through our mutual active communications, we will concentrate the individual activities into the strength of our whole organization.

RC Policy

The basic policy concerning environment, safety, industrial health and quality

Yamamoto Chemicals has been managing our business under our corporate identity “To contribute to the society by providing the customers throughout the world with satisfactions for the high quality products through our environmental friendly and excellent organic synthesis technologies”. To realize this corporate identity, we have been challenging to the following basic policy on the “Environment”, ”Safety” (Security and accident prevention, safety usage of chemicals, industrial safety), “Industrial health” and “Quality” under the understanding that the base of the management are respect of the customers, compliance with the laws and rules, environmental protection and ensure of the safety based on our action guideline.


  1. 1) Through development of new technologies and products, we will contribute to the environmental protection.
  2. 2) With reference to the environmental loading at the whole life cycle through development to disposal of the products, we evaluate its influence on the environment and try our best to reduce its influence.

2.Safety and Industrial Health

  1. 1) We appoint the security as our highest priority and aim realization of no-accident and no-disaster work circumstance.
  2. 2) We assist promotion of formation of the adequate work environment and the self-motivating health securement of the staffs by themselves.
  3. 3) By securing the safety relating to the handling of chemical substances, we prevent health impairment of all persons involved in work and logistics and our customers as well as our own staffs.


We provide our customers with our products and services having the quality which give them full satisfactions, reliability in safety usage.

4.Promotion of Self-management

Compliance with the related laws and regulations is a matter of course, we will try our best to perform continuous improvement of environment, safety, industrial health and quality by our self-management in full compliance with the spirit of responsible care.

  • ISO 9001認証書
    ISO 9001 Certification
  • ISO 14001認証書
    ISO 14001 Certification

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