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Dyes for optical filters

Optical filters are the optical element which transmits the selected light only and does not transmit any other light. In optical filters, the specific dyes which absorb the specific light not wanted to transmit are used.
These dyes for optical filters have been applying to PDP neon-cutting filters, agricultural films, illumination sensors and others. We have full line-up of dyes having the absorption wave length range of 400 nm ~ 1100 nm.

Application examples of dyes for optical filters

Dye for improving color purity

In the case of LCD and organic EL displays, there is a need to make the colors clearer.
To that end, it is effective to cut neutral light such as blue green light (around 500 nm) or orange light (around 600 nm). Dyes for improving color purity absorb those lights

Products Line-up

PD Series

  • PD-311S


  • PD-320


Dyes for LCD

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a flat type thin visual display terminal. The display is conducted by modulating light with utilizing the liquid crystal composition which does not emit light in itself.
To display the image, polarization filters which control light passing through and color filters which display colors are required. We have dichroic dyes in our line-up.

Application examples of dyes for LCD

Dichroic dyes for LCD ~ Contract manufacturing product from Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc.

The display method of Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is not the display method by emission in itself like the conventional cathode-ray tube display, but the display method by utilizing the transmittance of light. LCD has been applying widely in various fields.
Our dichroic dyes have excellent solubility to liquid crystals, contrast and clearness and have been applying widely to liquid crystal display panels, instrument panels of automobile and others.

Product Name:

(Blue) M-412

(Black) S-428

Products Line-up

SI, M ,S Series

  • (Yellow)SI-486


  • (Red)SI-426


  • (Blue)M-483


  • (Blue)M-412


  • (Black)S-428