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Catalysts for manufacturing hydrogen peroxide


Hydrogen peroxide has been applying to bleaching of pulp, cleaning of semi-conductors and others as an environmental friendly oxidant. Recently, it is used to manufacture polypropylene oxide (PO) which is a raw material of polyurethane and its application range has been expanding wider and wider.
We manufacture anthraquinone compound as catalysts for manufacturing hydrogen peroxide in our highly automatized facility and have been supplying them steadily all over the world. Especially, “AAQ-H” which was improved by our own technologies has been receiving fine reputation in the domestic and overseas markets as extremely high purity and high quality grade one.
Also generic “2-EAQ” is manufactured.

Product line-up of Alkyl-anthraquinone

<Amylanthraquinone (AAQ-H) >

AAQ-H has high solubility in the working solution, high stability in the recycling preparation of hydrogen peroxide, and high hydrogenation rate.
It is expected that hydrogen peroxide produced with AAQ-H has low impurities. Therefore such high-quality hydrogen peroxide can be used for cleaning semi-conductors or synthesizing chemical compounds (PO, caprolactam, etc.)

<Ethylanthraquinone (EAQ) >

EAQ is widely used as catalyst for manufacturing hydrogen peroxide.