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New Product

Recording Materials Field

Dyes for new heat sensitive color development system

By applying of the formation system of dyes (color developed image) through the irreversible reaction of the active compound and color development aids or couplers by heating, we put new recording material which does not need developers in the market. It is extremely high durable and low cost material.

Display materials field

Dyes for liquid crystals

We developed dyes for liquid crystals having higher solubility to liquid crystals than the conventional dichroic dyes.

Environment・energy field

Dyes for heat ray shielding

Recently, with reference to the temperature increase at the architectural structures and the growth issue of plants at agricultural field, the countermeasure for heat ray shielding has been demanded strongly. As the possible countermeasure of these issues, there is a method to shield heat ray by films or plates composed of the composition which absorbs infrared rays and transmits visible rays.
As our dyes for heat ray shielding have wider absorption spectrum range and enough shielding effect to infrared rays, and have excellent color fastness to light, they have been contributing effectively to heat rays shielding films and plates.

Filters for LED illumination

From the view point of save energy and durability, we can see recent remarkable spread of application of LED illumination. However, under the LED illumination, the “Color tone” of the “Object” looks different from those under natural sunlight or fluorescent light. To solve this problem, we are converting the “Light quality” (color rending properties) by using dyes filters. Recently, various color rending are demanded at various places such as super markets, department stores, restaurants and art museums, and various dyes filters have been applying.
We have our own technologies to design and evaluate the “Light quality” such as the high color rending and the color temperature. As the types of our products, we have 2 options of coloring filters and coloring compounds.

Dyes for functional glasses

Recently, according to the popularization of digital devices using LED containing much amount of blue light as a light source, we are concerning about the health damage to eyes, because blue light reaches up to the retina at the bottom of our eyes.
The glasses having the function of blue light cutting are now in the market, and our dyes are used to these glasses.

Functional fine chemicals field

Aromatic amine for CFRP resin

From the view point of weight reducing against the background of save energy, the carbon fiber market has been expanding rapidly to the applications of aerospace, automotive, energy application (such as power generation by wind) and sport filed in consideration of the safety application. We, to propose excellent carbon fibers, have been providing aromatic diamine intermediates to the market.