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Technologies of Yamamoto Chemicals

Research and development policy

Our possessing reactions・technologies

Yamamoto Chemicals has been performing research and development for functional dyes involving in the communities by utilizing our “Technologies” we accumulated in our long history for about 90 years.

Our possessing reactions・technologies

Reactions using sulfuric acid

 Dehydration condensation reaction Triphenyl methane derivatives
Anthraquinone derivatives
Triphenylmethane derivatives

Reactions using aluminum chloride

Acylation reaction Benzoyl derivatives
Benzoyl keto derivatives

Reactions using acetic anhydride

Acetylation reaction N-, C-Acetyl derivatives
Dehydration condensation reaction Phthalide derivatives

Reactions using dialkyl sulfuric acid

Alkylation reaction N-methyl derivatives
N-ethyl derivatives

Reactions using alkyl halide

N-Alkylation reaction N-alkyl derivatives
N-dialkyl derivatives
O-Alkylation reaction Alkoxy derivatives
Esterification reaction Ester derivatives

Reactions using aryl halide

N-Arlylation reaction N-aryl derivatives
N-diaryl derivatives
N-triaryl derivatives
O-Arylation reaction Phenoxy derivatives

Reactions using sodium nitride

Diazotization reaction Azo dyes
Tetrazotization reaction Azo dyes

Reactions using chlorosulfonic acid

Chloro-sulfonation reaction Sulfonyl derivatives
Sulfonic acid derivatives

Carbon・carbon cross-coupling reaction

Bisaryl derivatives

Heterocyclization reaction

Indole derivatives
Iso-indole derivatives
Pyrrole derivatives
Barbituric acid derivatives
Phenothiazine derivatives

Vilsmeier Reaction

Fromylation reaction
Cyanidation reaction

Halogenation reaction

Bromination reaction
Chlorination reaction


Phthalocyanine derivatives
Naphthalocyanine derivatives
Tetraazaporphyrin derivatives
Cyanine derivatives
Azo metal complex

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Technologies of Yamamoto Chemicals