Yamamoto Chemicals is a company
catalysts for hydrogen peroxide production
and that specializes in functional dyes for the
Mitsui Chemicals Group.

Yamamoto Chemicals is celebrating its
100th anniversary of progress
while preparing to take on the
challenges of a new century



  • Established


  • Repertoire of developed pigments

    Repertoire of developed

    15,000More than
  • Catalysts for hydrogen peroxide production

    Catalysts for hydrogen
    peroxide production

  • Ratio of R&D expenses to sales

    Ratio of R&D
    expenses to sales

    10% or higher

Catalysts for Hydrogen Peroxide Production

Alkyl-anthraquinone compounds which have excellent hydrogen carrying capacity are widely used as a catalyst for the production of hydrogen peroxide.

As Japan's only manufacturer of alkyl-anthraquinone, Yamamoto Chemicals supplies it to countries around the world, and has secured an overwhelming market share in Amylanthraquinone (AAQ-H) in particular.

Functional Dyes

A functional dye is a dye that absorbs or emits light, or undergoes chemical or physical changes in response to external light, heat, electricity, pressure, electric field or other forces.

Yamamoto Chemicals, which began operating as a manufacturer of dyes and pigments, maintains an extensive range of organic synthesis technologies and has expanded into various fields of functional dyes.

Examples of Application

Research and Development

Leveraging technologies cultivated over a long history spanning over nine decades, Yamamoto Chemicals engages in the research and development of functional dyes that benefit society. Yamamoto Chemicals is looking for people to help carry on that legacy.

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