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Corporate identity

Our corporate identity is to contribute to the society by providing the customers throughout the world with satisfactions for the high quality products through our environmental friendly and excellent organic synthesis technologies.


President and CEO Masaaki Omote

President and CEOMasaaki Omote

Our management philosophy is "To contribute to society by providing high-quality products that our global customers can trust and be satisfied with, utilizing our excellent organic synthesis technology while being mindful of the global environment.".

Since we embarked on the domestic production of organic pigments in 1925, we have employed our organic synthesis technology to bring numerous products to the market for nearly a century.

In particular, our successful industrialization of "One Dye Black" in 1970, the world's first dye that enables black coloration with a single compound for thermal and pressure-sensitive paper, expanded our presence globally.

Today, in this era of light and electronics, our outstanding organic synthesis technology and extensive library of functional dyes, cultivated over many years, shine brightly in the fields of information recording and display.

As we advance towards a more prosperous society through technological advancements and progress, we will continue to strive as a research and development-driven manufacturing company specializing in organic synthesis, offering high-performance products that shine brightly even as a small entity.

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