Research and Development

Functional Design

Yamamoto Chemicals caters to the needs of customers from a wide range of fields other than chemistry, including physics and electronics.

Given this, the first step involves translating the needs of customers into the language of chemistry.

By thoroughly communicating with customers through a series of collaborative discussions, we advance a kind of functional design that caters to their true needs.

Functional Design

Molecular Design

In the next step, we take the target functions verified in the previous step and design them into a specific molecular structure.

To do this, we engage in well-formed molecular design by using our accumulated proprietary technologies, a compound library that spans some 15,000 varieties, and computational science.

We synthesize the molecules that have been designed in this way using our expertise in organic synthesis technologies, and provide the results to customers.

Additionally, we gladly accept customer evaluations and actively repeat the process of considering improvements in order to produce compounds that best meet customer needs.

Molecular Design

Manufacturing Design

In the next step, we take the compounds (molecules) we have proposed, and use our manufacturing equipment and advanced quality control capabilities from the testing stages through to industrialization to ensure that we meet the customer's requirements and provide high-quality compounds to a level that leaves customers reassured.

Manufacturing Design

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