Proprietary Technologies

The range of technologies we have accumulated over a history spanning
more than nine decades has proven to be a powerful asset.
This section showcases some of Yamamoto Chemicals' proprietary technologies.

Specialized reactions and precision technologies

Specialized reactions

Electrophilic substitution reaction
Halogenation, nitration, sulfonation, Friedel-Crafts, formylation
Nucleophilic substitution reaction
Alkoxylation, amination, thioaklylation
Condensation reaction
Esterification, amidation, imidation, etherification, heterocyclization
Addition reaction
Diels‐Alder reaction
Reduction reaction
Hydrogenation reaction, sodium hydrosulfide reduction reaction
C-C binding reaction
Ullmann reaction- Suzuki coupling- Sonogashira reaction
C-N binding reaction
Diazonium coupling reaction- N-allylation

Purification technologies

Sublimation refining

Freeze drying

Proprietary compounds

  • Phthalocyanine compounds Phthalocyanine compounds
  • Naphthalocyanine compounds
  • Tetraazaporphyrin compounds
  • Anthraquinone compounds
  • Azo compounds (typical structures) Azo compounds (typical structures)
  • Cyanine compounds Cyanine compounds
  • Fluoran compounds Fluoran compounds
  • Quinophthalone compounds Quinophthalone compounds

Proprietary reactions and technologies

Reactions using sulfuric acid

Dehydration-condensation reaction Triphenylmethane derivative
Anthraquinone derivative
Triphenylmethane derivative

Reactions using aluminum chloride

Acylation reaction Benzoyl derivative
Benzoyl ketone derivative

Reactions using acetic anhydride

Acetylation reaction N-, C-acetyl derivative
Dehydration-condensation reaction Phthalide derivative

Reactions using dialkyl sulfite

Alkylation reaction N-Methyl derivative
N-Ethyl derivative

Reactions using alkyl halide

N-Alkylation reaction N-Alkyl derivative
N-Dialkyl derivative
O-Alkylation reaction Alkoxy derivative
Esterification reaction Ester derivative

Reactions using aryl halide

N-Aryl reaction N-Aryl derivative
N-Diaryl derivative
N-Triaryl derivative
O-Aryl reaction Phenoxy derivative

Reactions using sodium nitrite

Diazotization reaction Azo dye
Tetrazotization reaction Azo dye

Reactions using chlorosulfuric acid

Chlorosulfonation reaction Sulfonyl derivative
Sulfonic acid derivative

Carbon-carbon cross coupling reaction

Bisaryl derivative

Heterocyclic forming reaction

Indole derivative
Isoindole derivative
Pyrrole derivative
Barbituric acid derivative
Phenothiazine derivative

Vilsmeier reaction

Formylation reaction
Cyanation reaction

Halogenation reaction

Bromination reaction
Chlorination reaction


Phthalocyanine derivative
Naphthalocyanine derivative
Tetraazaporphyrin derivative
Cyanine derivative
Azo metal complex

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