Catalyst for Hydrogen Peroxide Production

Alkyl-anthraquinone compounds which have excellent hydrogen carrying capacity are widely used as a catalyst
for the production of hydrogen peroxide production. As Japan's only manufacturer of alkyl-anthraquinone,
Yamamoto Chemicals supplies it to countries around the world,
and has secured an overwhelming market share in Amylanthraquinone (AAQ-H) in particular.


Hydrogen peroxide has been used as an environmentally friendly oxidizing agent mainly for bleaching pulp and textiles.

However, in recent years, the range of its uses has steadily expanded to include semiconductor cleaning, the manufacturing of propylene oxide (PO), a raw material for polyurethane, as well as the production of caprolactam.

Yamamoto Chemicals manufactures alkyl-anthraquinone as a catalyst for hydrogen peroxide production and supplies it in a stable manner to countries around the world.

This includes AAQ-H, which has been improved with our proprietary technologies as a high-grade compound offering exceptionally high purity and quality, and has earned high acclaim in Japan and overseas.

We also produce EAQ as a general-purpose grade and have built a system that can cater to the diverse needs of customers.


Product Lineup

<Amylanthraquinone (AAQ-H)>

The greatest feature of AAQ-H is its ability to increase hydrogen peroxide production efficiency.

<Ethylanthraquinone (EAQ)>

EAQ is widely used as a general- purpose catalyst for hydrogen peroxide production.

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