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As a pioneer in the field of functional dyes, Yamamoto Chemicals has pursued customer satisfaction by releasing numerous high value-added products on the market. The source of these products lies in our unique development mindset, based on the ability to translate needs, molecular design capabilities, and organic synthesis technologies. The era of light with functional dyes serving as key materials changes from moment to moment, with the fields of application in the market continually expanding in the areas of recording, display, the environment and energy. Because of this, the demands associated with functional dyes have also changed in diverse ways. By responding at the speed demanded by the market and always anticipating and proposing functional dyes whose performance meets those requirements, we have satisfied the needs from new fields. Additionally, in recent years we have taken on the challenge of developing functional fine chemicals in response to the rapid advancement of a revolution in materials that support progress in fields such as semiconductors, IT, precision machinery, and air transportation. By leveraging our accumulated technologies and always valuing dialogue with customers, we will continue to take on these challenges as a R&D-oriented company that boasts speed and agility.

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