Dichroic Dyes

When a pigment is oriented, it can be made to appear colored from some directions
and almost colorless from perpendicular directions.

Dyes that produce this effect are known as dyes.

Polarizing films that use this property selectively absorb light traveling in one direction (i.e., polarized light)
while absorbing almost none of the light traveling in a perpendicular direction (transmitting natural light and cutting reflected light).

In liquid crystal displays (LCDs),
a dye is dissolved as a guest molecule in the liquid crystal
and makes use of the fact that the dye is oriented
in the same direction as the liquid crystal to produce a light shutter function without the use of polarizing film.

Dyes for liquid crystal displays * Product consigned by Mitsui Fine Chemicals, Inc.

Liquid crystal displays do not emit light themselves like conventional CRT displays; these displays utilize light transmission and are used in various fields.

The dye used in this consigned product offers outstanding solubility in liquid cryistal, contrast (ratio) and clarity. It is widely used in LCD panels, automotive instrument panels and other applications.

We are also exploring the application of dyes for crystal dimmable films (smart windows), a market that is expected to grow rapidly.

Dyes for polarizing film

Our dyes for polarizing film features a lineup of four colors which can be combined to freely adjust colors.

In addition, the high heat resistance of the dye means it can be incorporated into various resins.

An example of its application is in the lens of eyeglasses, where the application of a polarizing film gives a lens the function of cutting reflected light.

Dyes for polarizing film

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