• QWe want to use AAQ for hydrogen peroxide production.
    Can we obtain samples?
    Please provide approximate prices.


    Samples can be provided for testing.
    However, since we are already in talks with many customers, to avoid conflicts please provide information including the name of the end customer, their hydrogen peroxide capacity (as 100%) and annual carrier usage amount.

  • QWe are looking for a material that will change color based on the temperature.
    We are interested in [Example 2] Dyes for heat-sensitive materials shown on your website, and would like to receive a sample.
    At what temperature does the color change?


    A leuco dye alone does not change color when heat is applied.
    For a leuco dye to produce color an acid component such as a developer is required. A chemical reaction between the leuco dye and developer causes a change in color.
    As Yamamoto Chemicals does not deal with developers, you would need to procure a developer from another manufacturer and blend it, or if you are seeking a material whose color changes when used by itself, contact a manufacturer of heat-sensitive materials.
    We are able to refer you to a manufacturer of heat-sensitive materials.

  • QWe are looking for a UV absorber that can cut light up to long wavelengths, and a dye that can cut the near-infrared region.
    If you have catalogs for either of these products please send them to us.


    For select wavelength absorbing dyes, we have a lineup of dyes that can cut light from the UV region to the near-IR region.
    However, we do not produce catalogs for these products.
    If you contact us via our inquiry form and provide us with information such as the specific wavelength regions you wish to cut and other required characteristics (heat resistance, solvent solubility), we would be happy to suggest appropriate dyes.

  • QWe are looking for a dye that is able to achieve somewhat special spectral characteristics.
    Is it possible to customize a dye to meet our requirements?


    We can customize a dye to meet your required spectral characteristics by combining our lineup of existing dyes with the results of simulations.
    First, please let us know what spectral characteristics you require.

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